Why you should visit Admirals Arch

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/01/2019

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Kangaroo Island has an abundance of natural landmarks for you to see, but one of our favourites is Admirals Arch

Admirals Arch is a natural rock archway carved in the cliff face over years and years of ocean waves crashing against it. Thousands of years of erosion along the Cape du Couedic shores have resulted in this stunning feat of nature.

Leaving from the Flinders Chase National Park Visitors Centre, take a scenic walk through the lush park heading towards the jagged coastline. Follow the boardwalk around the cliff face, leading to the Admirals Arch lookout. Here you can look down below the natural bridge, watching waves crashing against the sandstone. The lookout also provides a fantastic vantage point to view the New Zealand Fur Seal colony below.

Each year the colony returns to the shores of Cape du Couedic to rest and breed. Keep an eye out for young pups playing in the nearby rock pools. The seals head out to sea each day to feed, but you will often see them relaxing on the warm rocks below the arch.

Once you’ve reached the lookout, take the time to look up! Before the ocean eroded the cliff face to form the archway you see today, the site was a cave. Looking up you can still see the stalactites that formed thousands of years ago.

If visiting between May and October, look across the horizon through the natural window. Here you have front row viewing of the yearly whale migration. These giant beings swim close to the shores as they move to warmer waters during the cool winter months. Can’t see any whales? No stress, this area is also frequented by dolphin pods. Keep an eye out for dolphins jumping and playing in the sea. No matter what time of year you’re visiting Admirals Arch there is an array of exciting marine life to view!

Just around the bend from Admirals Arch you’ll find the Remarkable Rocks. These stunning formations took 500 million years of natural erosion to form and are the perfect place to watch a sunset or sunrise.

Admirals Arch is Kangaroo Island’s one stop shop for stunning geographical views, incredible feats of nature, wildlife spotting and fresh sea air. A trip to Kangaroo Island is not complete without taking a trip to this fantastic area.

Admirals Arch is easily accessible from the Flinders Chase National Park Visitor Centre lower carpark. A boardwalk leads the way from the carpark to the upper lookout and is wheelchair accessible. There is a set of stairs that leads down to the lower lookout. The view from both areas is fantastic, however if able to reach the lower lookout you will get the best views of the seal colony and rock formations.

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