Flinders Chase National Park, South Australia

Flinders Chase National Park sits at the western end of beautiful Kangaroo Island and comprises a collection of protected areas.

Flinders Chase National Park

It covers three distinct parts totalling around 32,500 hectares; the Cape du Couedic and the Rocky River area which lies in the south west; the Gosse Lands in the north east; and Cape Borda Lightstation that juts out on the north western tip of the island.

The park itself is one of southern Australia’s best-loved national parks and promises a huge number of animal spotting opportunities and incredible sights. The majority of the park is made up of mallee scrub, with impressive sugar-gum forests providing a magical backdrop.

There are plenty of things to see and do in the park, so here are a few things you can get up to.

  • Admirals Arch

    This is one of Kangaroo Island’s most popular attractions, partly because it is an impressive feat of nature, and partly because of the cute seal colony that chill out around the base of the monument. You can peer through the eroded archway across the ocean, and snap some incredible photos of the amazing views on offer here.

  • Remarkable Rocks

    The Remarkable Rocks are located near Admirals Arch, where a smattering of unusual rock formations cast an eerie silhouette against the skyline. These well-eroded monuments show the power of nature, and offer an ancient glimpse into the Australian landscape.

  • Hiking and Walking

    Flinders Chase National Park lends itself perfectly to walking and hiking. There are several crisscrossing routes that take you through the stunning undergrowth and through the breath-taking sugar-gum forests. There are plenty of trails for everyone, ranging from beginner hikers who simply want to stroll through the spectacular landscape, to keen walkers looking for a longer, more immersive route.

  • Camp Under the Stars

    The park is an incredible feat of natural beauty, and you can enjoy it at its rawest when night falls. There are numerous camping opportunities throughout the park, where you can make your bed under the stars and feel at one with nature.

  • Animal Encounters

    A visit to Flinders Chase National Park isn’t complete without catching a glimpse of the island’s native wildlife. Here, you can spot all sorts of creatures, from camouflaged reptiles to beautiful bird species and local marsupials. Keep your eyes peeled for some of Australia’s best-loved critters as you make your way through the park.

  • Explore the Past

    The historical lighthouse is an important landmark on the island, where you can learn about the past of the park and even stay in the nearby historic lightkeeper’s cottage.

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