What can you find in Flinders Chase National Park?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/23/2019

Reading time: 2 mins

Venture into the unspoiled lands of Kangaroo Island’s Flinders Chase National Park, which is known for its breathtaking wildlife and spectacular beauty.

Seeing as it spans a whopping 32,500 hectares, it’s hard to find everything great in one visit! Follow our ultimate list of jaw-dropping attractions to make the most of your trip Kangaroo Island’s National Park.

  • Admirals Arch

    The naturally formed arch along the coastline of the park is well worth the stop. This natural wonder has been moulded by centuries of erosion, from the neighbouring sea and the continuous weather. Make sure to wear your walking shoes as there is an amazing range of incredible walks that let you start or finish at this site. A bonus feature is the colony of seals that call this attraction there home, giving you an up close and personal view of these creatures.

  • The Remarkable Rocks

    Another natural wonder worth checking out are the iconic Remarkable Rocks. These large rock boulders tower above the cliff top coastline, all ranging in unique shapes and sizes. The rocks were formed over more than 500 million years of erosion. With rain and waves forming the pitted rock formations. Orange lichen also covers the rocks, giving them a stunning and fascinating look. Visit these at sunset or sunrise for a truly beautiful look when the sun illuminates the rocks.

  • The Visitor Centre

    Learn more about the land’s history and culture when you trek into the heart of the park. The Flinders chase visitor centre has exhibits, interactive screening, and hands-on programs to educate you on the area. Start here in the morning to get some extra tips and pointers from the locals for the best way to see the park.

  • The Wildlife

    Australia most beloved native animals and plants swarm within Flinders Chase. Venture through the thick bushland of gum trees and silver bushes and spot a roaming dingo or a hopping kangaroo. Head down to the shores of the beachfront and see the frolicking seals and waddling little penguins along the sand. Or look above and notice the colourful birds flying through the skies, or a lazing koala sleeping in the high branches. Wherever you look you will certainly find a captivating sight of Australia’s creatures.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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