Rob’s sheep shearing and Sheepdogs on Kangaroo Island An authentic Aussie experience

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/04/2016

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Kangaroo Island is a beautiful destination just off the south-west coast of Adelaide, with plenty of unique experiences and incredible scenery. This island will ensure that you’ll have an unforgettable holiday.

This incredible island offers long stretches of deserted beach that will leave you speechless. Stroll along the soft sand and breathtaking rock formations that tell the story of thousands of years’ worth of weather. With beaches full of adorable seals and fields where wild kangaroo bounce, there is no shortage of spectacular activities here.

There is, however, one attraction that everyone should have on their itinerary: Rob’s Sheep Shearing & Sheepdogs.

Who is Rob

Robert Howard is a 3rd generation sheep shearer who has been working with Merino sheep for many years. His expertise and undeniable skill when it comes to handling these beautiful sheep is simply mind-blowing. While sheep shearing may not be the most exciting job in the world, Rob manages to make it not only exciting but extremely entertaining. His friendly, cheerful smile and charisma will hold your attention for the duration of the experience. Rob isn’t just a sheep shearer, he’s a bona fide entertainer. Rob’s farm has been in his family since 1883 and offers a beautiful panoramic view of the St Vincent Gulf and the surrounding island.

The experience 

You will have the chance to watch Rob work together with his well-trained sheepdogs to gather the sheep and herd them towards the barn. As he and his faithful dogs move in unison, this incredible, choreographed dance is a sight to behold. Rob’s bond with his dogs becomes immediately apparent as you watch them responding to his every command. Once inside, the shearing begins and you’ll watch as he takes sheep from the pen. One by one he shears each of them with incredible speed and precision. You’ll see his skilled hands running through the motions almost unconsciously, shearing each sheep in an impressive two minutes. Next, Rob will hook some of the wool to a wooden spinning wheel. Finally, he will proceed to spin it into a fine, even string creating a lovely ball of merino yarn.

Located just minutes from where the ferry docks in Penneshaw, a visit to Rob’s sheep shearing and Sheep Dogs is the ideal way to start out your trip on Kangaroo Island. This awesomely unqiue experience is a fantastic way to start your trip on Kangaroo Island.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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