Get to Know the Flora and Fauna of Kangaroo Island at Flinders Chase Visitor Centre

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/20/2016

Reading time: 3 mins

The Flinders Chase National Park sits snug on the coast of Kangaroo Island. Here, you’ll find an eclectic selection of Australian wildlife, including kangaroos, koalas, and colonies of seals.

As well as plenty of nature encounters to be had, there are also some incredible natural wonders to admire, too, like Admirals Arch and Remarkable Rocks.

Flinders Chase National Park is famous for its spectacular scenery, taking in sprawling golden beaches and lush rainforest. In the middle of it all, you’ll find the Flinders Chase Visitor Centre. Here you can learn more about the surrounding habitats and get to know the history of Kangaroo Island and its furry residents.

Filled with interactive displays, it gives visitors the chance to really immerse themselves in the natural landscape of the island. Plus you’ll get an insight into the diverse collection of flora and fauna that the island is known for.

You can find the Visitors Centre at Rocky River, a scene that the building itself has been designed on. It blends effortlessly into the natural backdrop, its architectural detailing mimicking the rainforest around it. The well thought-out design and the offerings inside promise a fascinating experience.


As well as extensive amounts of information about Flinders Chase National Park and its inhabitants. The Visitors Centre is also the place to book accommodation and check out the camping facilities on the island. Interior displays showcase themes like geology and topography, giving you a detailed look at the parks natural elements. Plus, you’ll learn about the diverse range of flora and fauna that lives here.

From here, be sure to head to the Chase Café, where you can tuck into fresh, local produce and admire the sprawling scenery that unfolds around you.

Elsewhere, you’ll find a collection of diverse and interactive exhibits featuring the artwork of local artists and traditional handicrafts. These exhibitions will teach you more about the island and the residents who have lived here for thousands of year.

You’ll also find ample outdoor facilities here. Spend some time having a picnic with the family admiring wild echidna in the luscious picnic area. Or, take a stroll around the marked walking trails past ancient trees and colourful plants. If you’re lucky you might even see some of the islands more illustrious creatures.

Take your time getting to know Flinders Chase National Park through the Visitors Centre. Sample local food, learn about the history of Kangaroo Island, and discover the animals who live there.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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