Penneshaw, South Australia

Endless white beaches roll off into the distance, ancient forests rise up towards dazzling blue skies – this is Kangaroo Island, a paradise of wildlife and breath-taking scenery.


Here, visitors find themselves surrounded by an eclectic selection of natural wonders and a stunning array of some of Australia’s finest wildlife.

On the northeast coast of the Dudley Peninsula, Penneshaw connects up the island with Cape Jervis, offering a regular route between the mainland and the island.

Things to Do in Penneshaw

Despite being famed for its ferry port, there are plenty of other things for visitors to discover in Penneshaw.

  • The Beach

    Known as Hog Bay, the white sand beach of Penneshaw is ideal for swimming, relaxing, and indulging in a picnic on, and there are plenty of grassy spots to have a traditional Aussie barbecue on.

  • The Local Penguins

    Kangaroo Island is famed for its colony of little penguins, and Penneshaw is the perfect place to see them in the wild. After dark, those that have been out fishing all day make their way back up the beach to their nests to settle down for the night.

    Visitors are invited to watch the show, while guides shares insights and stories into the lives and histories of the penguins on the island. Head to the Penguin Interpretative Centre to witness this incredible display of nature, and duck inside to learn more about the colony and how they live.

    The penguins have famously chosen Penneshaw as their base because of the rich abundance of fish that populate the surrounding waters.

  • Gateway Information Centre

    Want to learn more about Kangaroo Island? Head to the Gateway Information Centre, where you can delve deep into stories about the island, including its rich culture and history.

  • Penneshaw Golf Course

    Play a few rounds of golf in a spectacular setting at the Penneshaw Golf Course, where you can marvel at the views as well as get active for an afternoon.

  • Maritime and Folk Museum

    Learn more about the maritime history of the Island at this designated museum, and wander through exhibits that dig into the centuries-old past of Penneshaw.

  • Baudin Conservation Park

    Head just outside of Penneshaw and discover the beautiful confines of the Baudin Conservation Park, where a huge number of native animal species roam free – keep your eyes peeled for vibrant and ancient plant species, too.

Kangaroo Island boasts some incredible adventures, whether you’re looking to explore the rich animal life or simply soak up some spectacular views, and Penneshaw is the perfect place to start your adventures.

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