Best Australian Animal Livestreams!

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/25/2020

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Kangaroo Island is famous for its amazing wildlife, from koalas to kangaroos, seals and platypus however due to the current COVID-19 situation, it’s going to be a long time before you get to see them up close.

Don’t stress though because the zoos of Australia, and the world, are bringing Australian native animals right to your lounge room.

Ever since isolation began we’ve seen an awesome array of live streams popping up from around the world featuring our awesome Australian animals. We’ve linked some of our favourites for you below!

  • Little Penguins

    You might not know, but Kangaroo Island is home to a small colony of Little Penguins. The penguins make their ways up the beach each night to nest and recover from their day at sea around Penneshaw. They are the smallest penguin species in the world and super cute! You can watch them 24/7 on the Zoos Victoria Penguin Live Stream.

    Head to the Zoos Victoria website to learn more about the penguins on display and how to identify each of them.

    You can see two types of penguin in the stream, the Little Penguins you can find on Kangaroo Island as well as Fiordland Penguins. The two look quite different to each other, check out the stream to see if you can tell them apart!

  • Seals

    Kangaroo Island has one of the largest seal colonies in Australia. The seals flock to island to mate, rear their cubs and just hang out on the beach! They are a beautiful species that love Kangaroo Island just as much as we do.

    Usually, you’d be able to wander across Seal Bay and watch as the seals played below you on the sand, even sharing the beach with them sometimes (remembering to stay at least 10m away!). But while we’re stuck at home you can see them frolicking and playing in the water on the Taronga Zoo Seal Cam.

    The seals at Taronga are particularly playful, so be sure to check regularly!

  • Platypus

    There are few places where you can see these weird little creatures, but flitting along the surface of the water in Flinders Chase National Park is one of them.

    Platypus are incredibly shy creatures that few people are lucky enough to see in the wild. However, Kangaroo Island’s Flinders Chase National Park is known for being the place to try and spot them. Despite your ever so slightly increased chances of seeing a wild platypus there, we know you wont be able to see any platypus for a long time as isolation measures stay in place.

    So, we’ve found a handy dandy platypus live stream for you! These animals are so cool that we’ve found the San Diego Zoo Platypus Cam. That’s right, all the way in America these cool creatures are so popular they’re being streamed for the world to enjoy.

Kangaroo Island is an awesome place, home to so many native Australian animals. Get your daily animal fix on these great live cams while we wait out this virus and get ready to return to Kangaroo Island once again. We can’t wait to see you soon!

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