When is the best time to visit Kangaroo Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/26/2021

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Kangaroo Island is one of Australia’s most beloved natural landscapes.

Kangaroo Island Seal Bay

The island is a paradise for animal lovers, with uber adorable koalas, echidnas, kangaroos and wallabies peacefully roaming the gorgeous landscape (and treescape for that matter).

Kangaroo Island was one of Australia’s most devastated regions in the 2019/2020 bushfires, but the island is witnessing one of nature’s great rebirths, making it a good news travel story people from Australia and across the world can enjoy for years to come!

So, when is the best time to visit Kangaroo Island? The truth is there is no one answer to that question, as different times of the year offer something unique and spectacular about this incredible place.

So why not take the opportunity to talk about each time of the year and what makes them so special? It’s sure to help you decide.


Summer is the most popular time to visit Kangaroo Island, as the warm days provide ample opportunity to experience this paradise and the abundance of fun it has to offer. People from all walks of life flock to Kangaroo Island to relax on its white sandy beaches and take in the lush natural scenery.

Summer is mating time for koalas, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see young koalas chillin’ on their mother’s backs, whilst kangaroos take in the shade under some native bushland. Platypus is more visible in summer, too, as water levels are lower than in the winter months.

If all that natural wonder wasn’t enough, there are conservation areas dedicated to bottle-nosed dolphins and Australian sea lions awaiting your company!


Winter is an amazing time to visit Kangaroo Island as the crowds are usually smaller. This allows super keen nature lovers a better opportunity to witness the things that make this island so revered amongst travellers: the wildlife. If you want to explore this island in relative peace and tranquility (with a little chill to keep you moving), then winter is the perfect time to visit.

Winter is also the time of year that newborn kangaroos, koalas and wallabies emerge from their mother’s pouches, giving visitors a rare opportunity to see these special little creatures emerge into the world around them – it’s literally a cuteness overload.

So, either time of the year is amazing for visiting this wondrous Aussie island. If you like the warmth and getting down to the beach, summer is the go. If you prefer fewer people and want to take in the island a little more to yourself – winter is great – you’ll get to curl up in front of the fire at night, too.

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