What is the main town on Kangaroo Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/16/2019

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Wanting an Australian holiday amidst stunning nature and friendly locals? Look no further for Kangaroo Island can offer you an element of adventure, peace and quiet, or simply a spectacular view.

Located off the coast of Southern Australia, Kangaroo Island is a perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. But where to venture to? The island is quite large, with each area home to a range of different attractions and activities. Check out the four main towns you can visit during your next Australia holiday.

  • Kingscote

    Kingscote is by the biggest town on the island, with the only airport found in Kingscote. It is the Island’s main settlement, being the most popular tourist destination, and the key hub for business in all of Kangaroo Island. The area is lined with popular cafes and restaurants, and an endless amount of attractions and activities for tourists. With museums, wineries, breweries, and many other charms to explore.

  • Penneshaw

    Penneshaw is the gateway to the island, sitting right next to the ferry port. Most travellers will have to go through this city after arriving on the island, with the friendly locals welcoming the visitors with open arms. Walk through the main strip to see the town’s charm. Cafes and restaurants provide treats while local shops sell a range of local goodies. The area is also home to a little penguin colony, with the little animals appearing after dusk along the sandy coast. Visitors can watch these fascinating little creatures waddling up to the beach to their nests daily.

  • Parndana

    If you are a nature lover, Parndana is for you! The relatively quiet town’s fame comes not from its cafes and shops but its Wildlife Park. With over fifty different species of plant found nowhere else on Earth. As well as around 1,500 species of Australia’s most beloved and unique animals. Get up close and personal with some of the very best, cuddling, feeding, and taking a selfie with the park’s most exotic creatures.

  • American River

    If you are looking for a quiet escape from the busy tourist life, check out the American river. The quiet fishing village is snuggled deep within the lush bushland hills, offering guests breathtaking views of the ocean and surrounds. This town is perfect for those wanting to travel out to sea, with the area having the most protected harbour in Kangaroo Island.

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