Can you swim at Kangaroo Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/05/2019

Reading time: 2 mins

Seeing as it is an Island, it’s no surprise that Kangaroo Island is covered with spectacular beaches for any kind of traveller.

With beaches that are playgrounds for marine wildlife or ones that let you speed down them in a 4WD, the island is home to a range of beach delights. But where do you begin? Check out the best of the best swimming spots nestled on this remarkable island.

  • Emu Bay

    Emu Bay is one of the island’s most visited beaches, famous for its rich scenery and endless amount of activities on offer. The white sandy beach spans out, giving you plenty of space so won’t need to fight for towel space. In fact, it is so long, 4WDs have access to the strip, letting you cruise down the soft sands and spray the shallow waves. After parking along the sand, set off to the water, surfing the waves, diving down below, or even boating out to fish for your dinner.

  • Hanson Bay

    For all you surfers out there, look no further than Hanson Bay. This stunning beach has the best surf on the island. With large swells perfect for the skilled surfer, however, if you are the first timer, we suggest picking another beach, as the strong rips and undertows are not for the faint of heart. After spending the morning surfing your guts out, why not relax your muscles and spend the remainder of the day at Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. With over 200 different species of Australian natives scattered within, you can easily enjoy the island’s unique wildlife.

  • Vivonne Bay

    Once voted the best beach in Australia, Vivonne bay promises six kilometres of truly pristine beachfront. A paradise that is perfect for a day at the beach, or simply to sunbake in the sand. They are even is equipped with a picturesque dock that is ideal for some fishing on the side.

  • Pennington Bay

    Pop by this stunning spot for a perfect photo opportunity! The astonishing bay is famous for dolphins and whales spotting, as they usually hang out in the bay’s the Southern Ocean.
    There are many more to look into at Kangaroo Island, for the majority of the swimming coasts and watering holes are ideal for a holiday swims for the whole family.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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