Our favourite drinks made from Kangaroo Island tipples

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/15/2020

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While we’re all stuck at home with not much to do, many of us are looking for new and exciting drinks to try.

Although you might not be able to head out to Kangaroo Island at the moment, but you can still support their fantastic distilleries and wineries from the comfort of your own home. Jump online, order yourself some wine and spirits, then come back here for our favourite recipes!

  • Kangaroo Island Spirits Wild Gin

    At less than 20 years old Kangaroo Island Spirits have made a name for themselves in record time. Owners Jon and Sarah opened the distillery to be the first dedicated gin distillery in Australia in 2002 and their vision has produced some of the most delicious gins in the country.

    While this delicious gin, flavoured with native Kangaroo Island botanicals, is delicious in a good old gin and tonic, it’s perfectly suited for use in a gimlet.

    A gimlet is a gin and lime cocktail. Wild Gin has tasting notes of lime that are delightfully enhanced. Pour 2-parts gin, 1-part fresh lime juice and 1-part simple syrup (optional) into your cocktail shaker. Shake well with ice and strain to serve.

    This cocktail is fantastically simple, perfect for even the most novice of cocktail makers.

  • Bay of Shoals Cabernet Sauvignon

    Bay of Shoals harvested their first cabernet sauvignon in 1998 and have been improving and broadening their offering ever since. Their Cabernet Sauvignon is perfectly paired with antipasto and warm comforting stews.

    Make an even more comforting tipple by mulling it. Mulled wines are particularly popular in Europe around Christmas however they are delightful all winter!

    To mull your wine, combine one bottle of cabernet sauvignon, 4 cups apple cider, half a cup of honey in a pot. Add cinnamon sticks, the zest of an orange, 4 cloves and 3-star anise. Let the concoction simmer for ten minutes over a low heat. Serve in glasses with a slice of orange.

    If you’ve never had mulled wine before the idea of warm wine may be daunting but we promise, it’s truly delicious!

  • Dudley Wines Rose Sangria

    Enjoy a taste of Spain with flavours of Kangaroo Island!

    Dudley wines opened in 1997 by the Howard Family, who have been living on Kangaroo Island since the late 1800s. After the collapse of the wool industry in the 1990s many new farming industries popped up across the island, including vineyards and as such Dudley Wines was born.

    Dudley Wines make beautiful tipples that are delicious drank on their own, but if you’re after something a little special to brighten up a spring afternoon you can’t go past their rose.

    Combine a splash of orange liqueur, two parts rose, one park soda water and fresh spring fruits into a jug and mix. In less than ten minutes you’ll have a delightfully refreshing rose sangria! We suggest using nectarines, oranges or strawberries, but mix it up and try your favourite fruits too.

Kangaroo Island is pouring out some of the best drinks in the country. All of the drinks we’ve made in this post use wines and gins that are delicious both as in and in a cocktail. Let us know what your favourite cocktail to make is, or who your favourite Kangaroo Island drink supplier is!

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