Why You Should Visit Kangaroo Island in Winter

Kangaroo Island is a haven of wildlife all year round, but in the winter months you get to see the incredible array of plants and animals come to life. The great thing about the island is it maintains a consistent temperature – it’s never too hot or too cold. Winter runs from June to September, and the island is mild and wet during this time. August tends to be the coolest month of the year, while July usually sees the most rain.

The wet weather in winter means the island bursts into life with vibrant greenery, cascading rivers, and a colourful array of wildlife to discover and explore. It’s during this time of year that the resident mammals come out to play, including the joeys when they start emerging from their mother’s pouches.

Winter also marks the perfect time to do some whale watching. If you keep your eyes peeled, you might be able to catch a glimpse of the Southern Right Whales as they breach just off the shoreline.

As you can imagine, the island is heaven for wildlife lovers during this time of year. The fur seal colonies and sea lions are a firm favourite amongst visitors in the winter months, too, as they bask on the rocks in search of the sunshine. And, if that wasn’t enough, the rivers are fit to burst, providing a beautiful backdrop to the excellent selection of animal encounters and views.

Aside from the animal-spotting opportunities and the chance to experience this special part of Australia in a cooler climate, the winter months mean less crowds on Kangaroo Island. This means you’ll have free reign to explore everything it has to offer without the hordes of tourists that can gather there during the warmer months.

The activities you can get stuck into on Kangaroo Island in winter are similar to those you can do in summer. There are plenty of walking routes you can explore, national parks to discover, and a whole lot to learn about the resident animals, their behaviour, and their lush habitat.

If you’re unsure about when to visit Kangaroo Island, make it winter. Not only will you get to see the new animal generations as they make their first steps into the big wide world, but you can experience the incredible scenery without the crowds that congregate in the summer months.

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