How to get to Kangaroo Island

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/20/2019

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You’re going to Kangaroo Island. You’ve seen all the pretty pictures, looked at things to do, found the perfect accommodation, but there is one problem. How do you get there?

  • Getting to Kangaroo Island by boat

    Did you know kangaroos can swim? That’s right, they’re fantastic swimmers! Coincidently one of the best ways to get to Kangaroo Island is by water. Fret not though, you won’t need to swim.

    Two ferry services run between Adelaide and Kangaroo Island each day. Timetables for each service change during peak seasons to include additional services. No matter what time of year you’re planning to visit the beautiful Kangaroo Island, however, it’s important to pre-book your ferry tickets.

    If you’re planning on driving on the island, you have two choices. You can hire a car while on the island; alternatively, you can take your car across with you on the ferry.

    • SeaLink Ferry

      Celebrating 30 years of running ferries in 2019, SeaLink once was the primary ferry operation to Kangaroo Island. In peak periods, they operate up to 12 services each way per day. Besides just traveller transport, SeaLink is the major freight provider between the island and the mainland. From livestock to clothing and fresh produce to fuel, SeaLink has been integral in connecting Kangaroo Island to the mainland. SeaLink operates two return trips daily during the winter and three in the summer. During peak periods, additional services are run. If travelling with a car remember to book a car ticket.

    • Kangaroo Island Connect (KIC)

      The new kids on the block. Kangaroo Island Connect first began operating in 2017. They operate a similar timetable to SeaLink, with two return services running during the winter and four in summer. Run by Kangaroo Island locals, KIC services take just half an hour to get to the island and offer a downstairs play area to keep little ones entertained during the trip over. KIC can also assist you with your hire car arrangements, however, they are unable to transport cars.

  • Getting to Kangaroo Island by plane

    Did you know kangaroos can fly? Okay, they can’t but it’d be cool if they could! If water travel isn’t your style, it is possible to get to Kangaroo Island by air. Multiple flights leave Adelaide and land in the centre of Kangaroo Island each day. Though views from the air may be stunning it is worth noting that flying comes at a significantly higher cost than each of the ferry operators. That said, if you’re more of a flyer than a sailor, REX and QANTAS have you covered.

    • Regional Express Airlines (REX)

      Regional Express Airlines has been connecting regional Australia for over 15 years. Operating several flights daily REX provides most options for you when flying into Kangaroo Island. Flight capacity is capped at 34 passengers so if you’re looking to fly then bookings are essential, particularly during peak seasons.

    • QantasLink

      QantasLink connects regional Australia with the world. Operating flights up to five days a week in peak season QantasLink provides a high-quality flight between Adelaide and Kangaroo Island. Besides departures from Adelaide, QantasLink runs flights three days a week between Melbourne and Kangaroo Island over the summer period.

Travelling to your Kangaroo Island holiday is easy when you know how to do it. Kangaroo Island’s pristine white beaches, lush forests and incredible wildlife make any travel time more than worth the effort!

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