What Animals are on Kangaroo Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 06/25/2019

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Picture yourself in lush green bushland, bordered by stunning sapphire waters and pure white shores. Around you, swarms of birds flood the skies. Bushes rustle with movement, and jumping kangaroos sprint past you in a search for lunch.

This is Kangaroo Island, a natural wonderland for all of Australia’s most beloved animals. But which ones, in particular, are you sure to come across during your stay?

  • Kangaroos

    First on the list is, of course, the famous kangaroo! It’s guaranteed you will see at least one of these fellas hopping around, as they name the island after them. The island even has its own, a western grey kangaroo that is both stockier and shorter than the regular breed. The best sections to see these creatures is on open grass ranges, as large mobs graze the grass and lounge in the shade, napping throughout the day.

  • Australian Sea Lions

    Found only in the south and west coasts of Australia, Kangaroo Island is home to the largest colony of seals in the entire planet. Stroll down to Seal Bay and marvel at the 500 swarming seals frolicking, swimming, or snoozing about the shore.

  • Koalas

    There are so many koalas roaming the island (around 30,000 to be exact) they are actually causing an unsustainable environment, with sterilization programs being introduced to the area to control the overpopulation. These creatures crowd the high branches of the island, particularly hanging out in eucalyptus trees, alternating between napping and eating throughout the day.

  • Reptiles

    Reptiles may have a bad reputation, with fierce snakes and terrifying crocs, but the majority of the ones found on Kangaroo Island are truly fascinating. With Heath goannas found across the island, usually sun baking on roads or hot stones. Or skinks covering the bushland, darting under fallen leaves or in bushes once you travel closer. Snakes do roam the island, with some being quite dangerous if approached. As long as you examine these animals from a safe distance, you will actually be in awe by their unusual beauty.

  • Birds

    Look up above to see the many native birds spotting the skies and branches. With over 260 different types to choose from, go ahead and grab your binoculars to see these birds in detail. Once you have scoured the trees, head to the beach to see the marine birds dive belong the waters for their lunch.

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