How big is Kangaroo Island?

Kangaroo Island is one of Australia’s great getaways, with natural wonder, unique Aussie wildlife and delicious food all on the itinerary for travellers looking for a tranquil escape from city life!

From the miraculous Flinders Chase National Park to sublime Vivonne Bay, the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park and Seal Bay, there is so much fun and adventure awaiting you across this majestic island, and this is what makes it one of Australia’s very best natural getaways…

Kangaroo Island boasts about 4,405 km² of sublime beauty, making it the third largest island off Australia’s mainland. Its sheer magnitude makes it an absolute dream to explore, with these unforgettable experiences on the top of the priorities list for any Kangaroo Island adventure:

Flinders Chase National Park

One of Australia’s most extraordinary national parks, Flinders Chase is a dreamworld of unique attractions, abundant wildlife and awe-inspiring views. No Kangaroo Island journey can be complete without traversing Flinders Chase, especially when you know this kind of wonder awaits:

● The Remarkable Rocks: This super strange series of rocks seem to defy gravity as they sit perched atop one another in shapes and sizes you don’t see in most places. Truly surreal, the Remarkable Rocks look like they could be found in a Dali painting as opposed to an island off the Aussie coast;
● Admirals Arch: Another beautiful Flinders Chase site is the Admirals Arch, a giant cave-like structure that gives way to endless views across the Kangaroo Island coastline. The cave’s framing of the coast beyond is delightful, making it one of the ultimate views you can experience on the Aussie southend…
● Abundant wildlife: Kangaroo Island is a home to many of Australia’s unique wildlife, who spend their time climbing, hopping and waddling around the park’s rugged bushland. You can find anything from kangaroos (duh!) to echidnas, koalas and any number of birds and reptiles hanging out in Flinders Chase – just keep your eyes peeled!

Seal Bay

Kangaroo Island is home to one of Australia’s largest sea lion populations and they love to be nowhere more than their namesake hangout: the Seal Bay Conservation Reserve.

Yes, just around the corner from the gorgeous Vivonne Bay (one of Australia’s best beaches) you will find plenty of these adorable creatures hanging out on the sand and in the water, making for a joyous experience for animal lovers and pretty much anyone really – they’re that cute!

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