Can you swim at Vivonne Bay Beach?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/16/2024

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Vivonne Bay Beach is a stunning landscape on Kangaroo Island.

Kangaroo Island is a gorgeous, remote island located off the coast of South Australia. It has an abundance of wildlife and around fifty beaches. One of the beaches on Kangaroo Island is Vivonne Bay.

Vivonne Bay is six kilometres in length and curves into a half circle. The scenery at this beach is worthy of a postcard!

Can I swim at Vivonne Bay Beach?

Yes, you can absolutely swim at Vivonne Bay. Once voted the best beach in Australia, this beach is lined with pristine, white sandy shores. The gentler part of the beach can be found along the western jetty. This part of the beach has gentler waves and allows you to easily wade into the calm waters.

When visiting this beach, you will see people swimming, sunbathing, surfing, or fishing. You can also enjoy a nice seaside picnic on this beach and look out over the turquoise blue waters!

Other activities nearby

If you’re visiting Vivonne Bay, you’re probably exploring other parts of Kangaroo Island as well. There is a lot to see on this island but read on to learn about a few of the highlights nearby.

• Seal Bay

Seal Bay is located next to Vivonne Bay. This is a popular destination for visitors and locals to visit. As you may have guessed, it is home to a large sea lion colony.

When visiting Seal Bay, you can sit and admire the sea lions to your heart’s content. There are no enclosures or fences, so please be sure to keep a safe distance from them. If you want to learn more about the furry creatures, you can join a short, guided tour and learn about the sea lion conservation projects.

• Little Sahara

Little Sahara is also located right next to Vivonne Bay. This adventure centre makes for a fun experience surrounding all things sand. Covering over two square kilometres of land, there is a range of sand dunes to explore.

You can ride around the sandy terrain on a buggy adventure. Or you can enjoy sandboarding down the large dunes.

• Flinders Chase National Park

Flinders Chase National Park isn’t within walking distance of Vivonne Bay, but it is a nearby destination to check out. The only way to get around Kangaroo Island is via a tour bus or a rental car.

A short drive to Flinders Chase National Park will lead you to some of the most iconic landmarks of Kangaroo Island. You can see the Remarkable Rocks, the Admirals Arch, and much more.

Visit Kangaroo Island on an exciting tour to experience the highlights of this scenic island.

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