Little Sahara, Kangaroo Island

Set on the picturesque shores of Kangaroo Island, Little Sahara offers adrenalin junkies a taste of fun amidst sprawling scenery that looks like it has stepped straight off a film set.

Boasting an incredible dune system close to Vivonne Bay, Little Sahara covers more that two square kilometres, with a varying array of dunes – the highest of which peaks at 70m above sea level. It is one of twenty geological features that Kangaroo Island now has in its possession.

What is Little Sahara?

Little Sahara consists of naturally occurring coastal blow out dunes that have been formed relatively recently – well, we’re talking 7,000 years ago, but that’s relatively new in the great scheme of things. It was formed as the sand dunes became more and more stabilized by the vegetation over the years, some of which has been destroyed over time via storms, erosion, and fires which, in turn, has caused the sand to start moving in the wind. Little Sahara

In the 1970s, Little Sahara was heritage listed to make sure it was well-preserved into the future – necessary for such a beautiful, popular hot spot. Though the property is privately owned, it is open to the public who can marvel at the great swathes of dunes, as well as get stuck into a range of incredibly fun activities.

Sandboarding and Tobogganing

Sandboarding and Tobogganing are two of the more popular activities in Little Sahara. These adrenalin-packed adventures give visitors the chance to explore the dunes from a different perspective while feeling the warm Australian breeze in their hair. You can hire a sandboard and a toboggan in Little Sahara to try your hand at these popular sports.

Little Sahara is definitely one of the most-visited sites on Kangaroo Island, thanks to its great selection of activities, but also thanks to its close proximity to other major points of interest. Just along the coast, Seal Bay offers visitors the chance to get up close and personal with the resident Australian sea lions that call the island home, while the surrounding views of the island are well worth the visit alone.

If you’re planning a trip to Kangaroo Island – which, let’s face it, you really should – make sure Little Sahara is up there on your itinerary. With its spectacular scenery of sand dunes and great array of adventurous pursuits, you’ll definitely have a day to remember.

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