Can you day trip to Kangaroo Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 07/23/2021

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Kangaroo Island is one of Australia’s most beloved tourism destinations.

Kangaroo Island Day Trip

This massive island, a few hours southwest of Adelaide, is a wilderness paradise, a sprawling mass of lush national parks, stunning beaches and unique wildlife. What’s more, it’s one of Australia’s gourmet hotspots, with plenty of world class food and drinks to keep you nourished before and after your adventures!

Kangaroo Island, despite being a really big island, can be enjoyed in one day. Granted, you may not have the opportunity to experience every little experience this wonderland has to offer, but you will have a pretty darn good “lite” time, and will leave with many cherished memories from this beautiful dreamscape.

So, what are some experiences you can enjoy one day on the beautiful island? Let’s take a look below…

Tour the incredible Flinders Chase National Park

Flinders Chase National Park has to be up there with Australia’s best. This gigantic region is complete with surreal rock formations, unique wildlife, rugged coastline and giant clifftops. Perhaps the park is most famed for the Remarkable Rocks: a bizarre series of granite rock formations that seem to be defying gravity.

For nature lovers, the national park is a paradise, with some of Australia’s most beloved creatures all hopping, climbing, crawling, lazing and flying around the rugged bushland. Keep your eyes peeled for kangaroos, koalas, eagles and echidnas, who all call the relative tranquility of the park home!

Chill out at Vivonne Bay

It’s no small feat for a beach to be declared “Australia’s best”, and Vivonne Bay is one of the few (and one of the very few down south) to take that crown. This gorgeous stretch of coastline is famed for its white sand and gorgeous turquoise waters. Not only this, but Vivonne Bay is home to some of Australia’s best sand dunes, with dune boarding always an awesome activity to get the blood pumping before chilling out on the shoreline!

Try local delights

Kangaroo Island is for gourmet produce. Here, you will find anything from local honey to world championing gin, fine wine and great restaurants. Whether you’re taking an awesome tour of the Bay of Shoals Winery, trying some of the best gin in the world at Kangaroo Island Distillery, meandering around the Kingscote Farmers and Artisans Market or trying unique beers at the Kangaroo Island Brewery, there is something for the gourmand and bon vivant on this island.

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