Where to stay on Kangaroo Island

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and visit Kangaroo Island, breathing in the blend of sea salt and bushland. Sitting off the coast of South Australia, the island is home to spectacular beaches, unique wildlife, and incredible natural wonders. Spending just one day in this fabulous area is just not enough, so staying the night is a must do. But where can you actually stay?

What areas to stay

  • Penneshaw

    Penneshaw is the gateway and the centre hub of Kangaroo Island. Sitting right bang next to the ferry port, you can’t escape walking down the main street when you first arrive. The area overlooks the Backstairs Passage, giving you both a quiet and busy section to choose from.

  • American River

    If you are looking for a quiet escape from the foot traffic, check out the American river. This tiny, fishing village is nestled on the lush bushland hills. With quiet lodges equip with large decks and seaside views, your troubles can melt away as you enjoy a glass of wine while watching the sunset in the background.  

  • Emu Bay

    Sitting a short drive from Kingscote, Emu Bay is renowned for its white sandy beaches and lush wildlife. This is a paradise for water lovers, with a bucket load of water activities on offer, including boating, fishing, surfing, and of course swimming, you will find it difficult to dry off.

What type of accommodation

What’s on offer? There are a lot of accommodation styles up for grabs, depending on the type of traveller and type of trip you are looking for can narrow it down easy. For a Swanky stay with a pristine view with a modern touch, try out one of the many five star retreats available. With island lodges, hotel apartments, or even private houses on offer, you are guaranteed to enjoy a lavish stay on the island. If you enjoy being immersed in nature, why not do a camping vacation? Here you can be fully immersed in the island’s wonders, sleeping right next door to the ocean waves and the unique wildlife nestled within. It’s not completely rough camping, with multiple facilities for cooking, and washing up at all the camping grounds.  

Top Attractions you can’t miss

  • Seal Bay

    Kangaroo Island is a guaranteed wildlife paradise, with some of Australia’s most beloved animals roaming the area. One of them is the Australian sea lions, with the island’s colony being the largest in existence. Seal Bay is where they call home, with more than 500 seals hanging about. As they are wild animals, there are no fences or restricted areas in Seal Bay, letting both the seals and humans wander the entire area. Stroll down the beach and see these cute creatures snooze and sunbake nearby.

  • Remarkable Rocks

    The island’s natural phenomenon, the Remarkable rocks! Essentially towering granite rocks that range in size and shape, sitting right along the coast cliff top. The rocks are said to be around 500 million years old, with the random shapes forming by decades of erosion of the weather and sea spray.

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