What To Do At Night On Kangaroo Island

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/29/2024

Reading time: 4 mins

Kangaroo Island comes alive at night, with skies full of stars, nocturnal creatures and cosy towns serving delicious dining experiences.

The sun is going down after a long day of adventuring around the island. Instead of going straight back to your accommodation, consider venturing out to experience the magnificence that is Kangaroo Island’s nightlife.

Witness the Island’s Glorious Sunset

Kangaroo Island sunsets are renowned for their mesmerizing beauty. Grab some snacks and head to a fantastic lookout near you for a phenomenal free light show. With numerous coastal points to choose from, you’re spoiled for choice. Two of the most popular options are:

  1. Flagstaff Hill Lookout: Located at Reeves Point in Kingscote, this spot overlooks Kingscote’s beach area and the Bay of Shoals.
  2. Remarkable Rocks: It’s no wonder this special spot, marked by huge red granite boulders, is so popular at sunset. The orange hues reflect off the rocks, creating a truly remarkable light show over the ocean.

Remarkable Rocks, Kangaroo Island. Credit: Tourism Australia

Other excellent spots include Pennington Bay, an expansive white beach that’s nearly deserted after dark, and Stokes Bay on the west coast of the island.

Listen and Look Out for Kangaroo Island’s Nocturnal Wildlife!

Much of the island’s elusive wildlife comes out to play under the cover of darkness or just as the sun sets. Some of these creatures include:

  • Kangaroo Island kangaroos: These super-friendly and placid kangaroos are, as their name suggests, endemic to Kangaroo Island.

  • Tammar wallabies: These small herbivores are the smallest species of wallaby, standing at no more than 2 feet tall! Your best chance to see them is at Flinders Chase National Park.
  • Echidnas: You’ll most likely find these prickly, short-beaked mammals snuffling about in woodlands and farmlands. They don’t make much noise, so your best chance of spotting one at night is by listening out for a rustling noise.
  • Boobook owls: Listen out for a hoarse, deep “hoo” noise. These are Australia’s smallest and most common type of owl!

Just because these creatures only become active after the sun sets doesn’t mean you have to miss them! Take an evening stroll near where you’re staying and see what you might find! Head to Penneshaw if you want to see the adorable little penguins waddling to shore at sunset!

Check Out the Kingscote Silo Art

Be amazed by the largest Kangaroo mural in Australia, standing at 25 meters tall, that overlooks the township. Painting this exceptional artwork took a pair of artists four weeks to complete and contains impressive detail with birds as well.

Marvel at a Sky Full of Stars

Shearing Shed Dinner – Kangaroo Island Stays. Credit: Melissa Koh

Look up and be amazed! Stargazing on Kangaroo Island is a treat for sky lovers, offering some of the best stargazing in all of South Australia thanks to low levels of air and light pollution compared to the mainland. It also faces the Milky Way, meaning you’ll be able to see 100 times more stars than you could in the Northern Hemisphere.

Experience Nighttime Dining at Local Restaurants

There’s no better way to end a day of adventure than with a big, tasty meal. Kangaroo Island’s East Coast towns of Kingscote, American River and Penneshaw have a range of cuisine and ambience options, whether you’re after a romantic dinner for two or a fun feed with friends. Many of the restaurants have great views of the surrounding area too. Just note that most places close early (before 9pm) on Kangaroo Island, so be sure to eat early! Check out Penneshaw Pub, Zone Restaurant & Bar and Bella Cafe and Pizza Bar.

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