Visit the Dudley Peninsula on Kangaroo Island

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/22/2019

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The main gateway to the island, the Dudley Peninsula welcomes you when you exit the ferry from the mainland, but what can you do here?

The first place you land when getting to Kangaroo Island is the Dudley Peninsula. This delightful area welcomes thousands of tourists each year to its shores. Home to the island’s main town, Penneshaw, the Dudley Peninsula has plenty for you to enjoy before you head further inland.

  • Maritime and Folk Museum

    Found in the old Hog Bay School building, the Penneshaw Maritime and Folk Museum provides a brief history of Kangaroo Island and its inhabitants. Opened five afternoons a week, explore their small exhibition of three rooms delving into island life. The School Room reflects the history of this building and the educational struggles of an isolated community. Head through to the Maritime Room you will learn about the whaling and sealing history of Kangaroo Island. Finally, the McKenzie Room conveys island life, celebrating the pioneering spirit of the community who have built their lives here. The museum has been built up with the donation of items from the local community, a fantastic way to appreciate the history of the small island.

  • Penneshaw Penguin Centre

    Each night a small colony of little penguins return to the Penneshaw beach they call home. The Penneshaw Penguin Centre is a must stop location for any Kangaroo Island trip. Your guide will lead you on a night tour to find the small feathered friends. Using red-light animal-safe torches, you’ll go spotlighting for the penguins as they make their march back up the beach from the ocean. You’ll need a sharp eye to spot them as they camouflage fantastically with their surroundings. If you’re lucky you may even come across other wildlife such as possum, snakes and wallaby.

  • The Cellar Door

    Owned and operated by husband and wife duo Jeff and Val, Dudley Wines was founded following the collapse of the Australian wool industry in the 1990’s. As their wool farm became desolate the couple decide to plant some vines as an experiment. Four years later they produced their first commercial quantity of wine. The Cellar Door offers a wide range of wines for tasting and with coastal views. The couple have also revived their wool production, selling incredibly soft clothes and accessories along with their wines. Rug up in the cooler months for a glass on their deck snuggled into one of their merino wool jumpers.

  • Lesueur Conservation Park

    This stunning natural park is recognised for its remarkable sea cliffs lined with native shrubs and eucalyptus. Wander through the park and soak in the unique sights and smells of Australian flora. Walk quietly along the trails and reset your mind, while keeping a soft eye out for Kangaroo Island kangaroo and wallabies that may be around. When atop the cliffs, look down to the shores where you may be lucky enough to see sea lions frolicking in the shallows.

The Dudley Peninsula is the perfect place to begin your exploration of Kangaroo Island. Get to know some locals and enjoy the outskirts of the island before heading to your inland escape.

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