The Vivonne Bay Bistro

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/30/2018

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Kangaroo Island is the perfect place for animal lovers. Those keen to explore some of the mesmerising outdoor scenes of Australia have to visit.

This picturesque island is filled to the brim with pretty scenes. Watch over pristine beaches, sparkling shallows, and lush forests. All of which are home to an amazing array of native creatures.

Throughout the island, there are a number of quaint villages and towns that hark back to yesteryear, many of which still sport the trades they built themselves on. Vivonne Bay is one of the most popular areas on the island. You can find the lovely town to the south, overlooking the Southern Ocean.

Here, white sands meet the lazily lapping sea in a show of paradisiacal beauty. There is plenty to do here. Discover unique animal life, grab a bite to eat, or pop into craft stores along the main street.

If you’re feeling hungry, we recommend visiting the Vivonne Bay Bistro. The bistro is the perfect balance of cosy atmosphere and awesome food. If you’re looking for a hearty meal, the filling menu here will fuel you for any adventure. Fill up and then explore the underwater scenery that surrounds the bay or dig into the fascinating history of the town and its residents.

The Bistro

At the Bistro itself, you can tuck into a two or three course lunch. Top your meal off with some local homemade treats. As well as a mouthwatering selection of meats and local cheeses, there is a dessert menu bursting with indulgent treats for your sweet tooth.

The staff are accommodating, too, with a range of options for vegetarians and those with food intolerance.

Once you’ve wolfed down a delicious lunch or dinner, you can continue exploring the offerings in Vivonne Bay and the rest of the island. Maybe you’ve take a stroll along the Hanson Bay Koala Walk and spot koalas, or simply relax on the beach by the sea and soak up the warm island air.

Kangaroo Island is a must-visit for anyone in this part of Australia. Not only is a packed full of incredible animal encounters, but also plays host to some great restaurants to refuel in. If you find yourself in Vivonne Bay with an empty stomach, a meal at the Vivonne Bay Bistro will sort you right out.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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