How you can enjoy the Fleurieu Peninsula

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/08/2020

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Fleurieu Peninsula is home of some of South Australia’s finest coastal and culinary treats.

Featuring a stunning backdrop of sapphire waters and rugged clifftops, with charming towns such as Victor Harbor, Goolwa, Yankalilla and Rapid Bay. No matter what kind of holiday you are after, whether it be an outdoor activity, a wine-sipping afternoon, or a fantastic foodie adventure, this spot has you covered.

  • Discover the Region’s Culture

    Fleurieu Peninsula is chock-a-block full of fantastic art and culture, with inspiring artists from all over Australia coming to this region to be inspired. Numerous art galleries dot the area, with indigenous and local venues in particular. Museums about the land’s history and Australia also are featured about, letting visitors discover more about the coastal region’s story. Simply set a day aside to hop from each gallery and museum about, finishing off at one of the charming cafes to refuel with a steaming cup of coffee.

  • Enjoy the Family Activities

    From beach days, adventure parks, and even camel rides, the Fleurieu Peninsula has a lot of options for family fun. Enjoy the picturesque beaches spread along the coast, stopping at the patrolled regions for a safe dip in the refreshing waters. Or head to the adventure park around, where you can take a pony or camel ride along the sandy beach, or even ride in a horse-drawn carriage. There are even penguin and seal tours, where you can see these adorable creatures as they swim and snooze alongside the clifftop rocks.

  • Get your adrenaline pumping

    If you are after a more adventurous experience, why not try out one of the many sporty activities in this exciting area. Head out into the pristine sea waters with a sailing adventure, or zoom about on a jet ski. For a slower but more scenic option, simply rent a canoe or kayak for the day and discover new beaches and unspoilt greenery that is free from crowds! If you’d prefer a land activity, lace up your walking shoes and take a bush walk around the thick tree region, hiking up the hills for an insta-worthy shot of the entire landscape.

  • Spot the Amazing Wildlife

    One of the greatest highlights in the landscape of the Fleurieu Peninsula is its brilliant amount of wildlife hidden about. The bushland and coastal beaches making for an ideal habitat for a number of Australia’s native species, visitors only need to keep their eyes peeled when walking about for a chance to see these creatures in person! See kangaroos, wombats, whales, and dolphins just to name a few!

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