How long is Kangaroo Island?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/23/2021

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Kangaroo Island is the darling of southern Australian nature travel, an epic adventure of stunning beaches, rugged national parks, abundant wildlife and delectable produce!

How long is Kangaroo Island

Whether you’re lazing about at one of Australia’s best beaches, exploring the incredible Flinders Chase National Park or trying some of the island’s top quality food and beverage, Kangaroo Island is a place where you can easily spend a week taking in all its pristine splendour.

Another reason why you would probably want to spend more than a day on Kangaroo Island is its size: the island is a whopping 155 kilometres long and 55 kilometres wide, meaning there is plenty to see and do on all corners of this absolutely special outpost.

But what are some of the incredible experiences that await you on this unforgettable island paradise?

Flinders Chase National Park

Flinders Chase National Park is just about up there with the Great Barrier Reef and the epic Kakadu National Park. This incredible wilderness is replete with stunning sites, expansive coastlines, rugged bushland and unique Aussie wildlife, making it the perfect place for a day’s exploring!

One of the most surreal features of the park is the Remarkable Rocks, a series of rock formations that appear to impossibly hold their shape. You wouldn’t be amiss to assume Dali had taken a random sojourn to Kangaroo Island when you see these rocks, as they truly look like something straight out of one of his paintings.

Aside from surrealist stones, the national park is home to koalas, kangaroos, echidnas, seals and heaps of other adorable Aussie creatures that call this wilderness haven home!

Vivonne Bay

A one-time winner of Australia’s best beach, it’s easy to see why Vivonne Bay held the title: it’s a sprawling, pristine stretch of untouched coastline leading into turquoise-blue waters that are simply perfect for a waist-deep wade. What’s more, there are plenty of cheeky seals dotted around the area for you to catch a glimpse of – this just puts the icing on a very gorgeous beach cake!

Fresh produce

Kangaroo Island, along with the Barossa, Margaret River, the Riverina and Tassie, is one of those places where gourmet producers always let you know that their product comes from the island.

Why? Because of the island’s ability to create amazing produce, of course! Be sure to dine on local delights like fresh honey, wine, gin and head to restaurants serving up these and other island foods…

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