How big is Flinders Chase National Park?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 06/23/2022

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Kangaroo Island is, without the slightest doubt, one of Australia’s most incredible getaways. This stunning island outpost has everything you would expect from a great Aussie vacation: abundant wildlife, gorgeous national parks, stunning beaches and sumptuous cuisine, ticking all the boxes in what is sure to be one of the very best getaways you could have in this wide land!

One of the most incredible spots on the whole island – and one that cannot be overlooked when visiting KI – is that of the Flinders Chase National Park, up there with Litchfield and Kakadu as one of the country’s best natural landscapes.

Coming in at a massive 326 km², Flinders Chase is replete with all the wonder you would hope to find in one of the country’s top national parks.

Here, you will find the likes of the Remarkable Rocks, a series of impossibly-stacked boulders that look like they are out of a surrealist painting, as well as the equally-astonishing Admirals Arch – an open cave leading out to the wild Great Australian Bite!

Not only this, but the rugged bushland that characterises the park is home to some of Australia’s most beloved animals, including kangaroos, koalas, echidnas as well as numerous bird and reptile species.

You simply must traverse the inspiring Flinders Chase National Park when on KI, and do so alongside these other unforgettable island adventures:

Seal Bay Conservation Park

No points for guessing which inhabitants make this part of the island famous, but they also make visiting this spot such a joy. The Seal Bay Conservation Park is home to one of Australia’s largest sea lion colonies, who feel right at home frollicking in the friendly coastal waters and hanging out on the pearly-white sand, something which they have done there for thousands of years!

Vivonne Bay

For a beach that isn’t located in Australia’s tropical north to once be crowned “Australia’s best beach”, you know it must be something special, and Vivonne Bay truly is, being a quintessentially ideal stretch of coastline that is a must-hang out at when visiting Kangaroo Island.

The gorgeous coastal stretch is characterised by turquoise waters and white-sand shores, making it a truly special place to kick back, relax and spend a tranquil afternoon on sublime Kangaroo Island.

It’s truly a wonderful place – get to KI as soon as you can and see for yourself…

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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