Pennington Bay

Kangaroo Island, south-west of Adelaide, is home to some of Australia’s most picturesque coastal scenery, where the glistening turquoise waters meet the shimmering white sandy beaches and the rhythmic lapping of the waves creates a peaceful atmosphere.

Although the northern shores of Kangaroo Island are well-known for their beautiful beaches and scenery, there are few beaches on the island that are as stunning as those in Pennington Bay. This breathtaking stretch of coastline stretches out along the island’s southern coastline and is home to several untouched beaches that boast the raw, natural beauty of Australia’s oceans.

Many of these beaches have caught the attention of the island’s surfers because of the spectacular waves and powerful swells that roll in from the ocean, providing perfect surfing conditions. Fishermen can also often be found along Pennington Bay’s shoreline due to the bountiful waters of the Great Australian Bight. What many people outside of these two groups often seem to ignore is the immense beauty of the southern coastline. With almost zero development along the entire bay, you’ll have the chance to explore the deserted beaches and to bask in the blissful emptiness and peace of its captivating beauty. What’s more is the fact that these southern beaches have such little development on their shores, the wildlife in the area is able to thrive. This means that a trip down to Pennington Bay is likely to reward you with a playful pod of dolphins and if you’re lucky you may even catch site of a seal warming itself on the rocks.

As if all of this isn’t already enough, the drive to Pennington Bay is almost as spectacular as the bay itself, displaying jaw-droppingly scenic views along the 18km route out of Penneshaw, the journey is sure to be an unforgettable experience. The views get particularly good when you turn onto the Pennington Bay Road, this road curves along the edge of the hill which borders the ocean, allowing you to clearly see the bay spread out before you in all its glory. If you’d like to get an even better vantage point of this breathtaking bay, then you can take the 10 minute walk up Prospect Hill, where you will have a panoramic view of Pennington Bay and the surrounding fields.

Pennington Bay is one of Kangaroo Island’s many hidden treasures and since it is so seldom visited, a trip here will ensure some peace and quiet for you on your tour of this wonderful island.

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