Things to do at Kingscote, Kangaroo Island

Kingscote, South Australia 5223

Kangaroo Island is an Australian travel rite of passage: a gigantic, stunning island complete with surreal national parks, adorable wildlife, gorgeous beaches and world class produce.

Kingscote, Kangaroo Island

There is truly something for everyone on Kangaroo Island, regardless of whether you’re a hiker, animal-lover, gourmet bon vivant or just love the peace and serenity of a wonderful Aussie island!

Kingscote is Kangaroo Island’s largest town, and serves as a jumping point to some of the island’s main attractions. Kangaroo Island’s airport is located in Kingscote, making it the perfect place to stay and start your unforgettable Kangaroo Island adventure.

There are plenty of places to rest your head and enjoy the delectable local produce, including real Ligurian honey at Clifford’s Honey Farm, delightful local plates at Cactus, top class beer at the Kangaroo Island Brewery and, officially, one of the world’s best gins at Kangaroo Island Distillery.

So, now that you know where you’re going to relax, unwind and enjoy top class food and drink after a day’s exploring, what are some of the unforgettable adventures that make Kangaroo Island a must-visit for Aussies and backpackers alike?

  • The otherworldly Flinders Chase National Park

    This astounding national park is special for multiple reasons: it is home to some of Australia’s strangest natural formations and it houses some of our most loveable wildlife! Covering the entire western side of the island, this massive national park is home to the Remarkable Rocks, a series of bizarre rock formations that time and wind sculpted into something extraordinary.

    Be sure to keep your eyes out for the national park’s animal population, as thousands of New Zealand fur seals, hopping kangaroos, dingoes and penguins all hang out at the park.

  • The joyous Seal Bay Conservation Park

    Ever wanted to see a massive colony of Australian sea lions in their element? Well, the Seal Bay Conservation Park is the only place in the world where you can do just that! The conservation park is the perfect place to learn about these precious pinnipeds, and it is situated not far from Bales Beach – a great place to stop for lunch and enjoy the gorgeous coast.

  • Continue the conservation at Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

    You probably get the idea by now: Kangaroo Island is an animal-lover’s wonderland! The Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park is home to plenty of the island’s species, where they have a safe, special place to relax and enjoy the good island living.

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