See the Seals in Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is renowned for its wildlife, home to lush native plant life and a smorgasbord of animals that roam the region.

One of the most popular animals that call this island home is the Australian Seals! Kangaroo Island’s colony of seals is the third-largest in the country, with countless seals scattered about! Find out where you need to go to see these fabulous creatures up close and personal.

Where are the Seals in Kangaroo Island?

About the Australian Seals

Living in colonies made up of small populations along the coastline of South Australia and Western, these seals are only found in Australia. There are only 66 known colonies in existence, and with numbers so low they are under the term ‘vulnerable’ in Australian law. One of the main reasons for their minimal population is due to their breeding pattern. With breeding cycles happening only once every 18 months, as well as the females only breeding at the site where they were born. Due to this, each seal colony is genetically distinct from their neighbouring colonies. The creatures spend the majority of their time on the rocks and sandy beaches their colonies call home.

Adult males measure up to 2.5 metres and weigh a whopping 300 kilograms, while adult females are a bit smaller at 1.8 metres and 100 kilograms. Australian seals are known to live for up to 25 years, but the pup mortality rate is extremely high in the first two years due to attacks from adult males.

Seal Bay

Visitors can visit Kangaroo Island’s large colony of seals when heading to this quiet coastal region. Here there are no fence barriers or restrictions, so you can walk along the sandy shore nearby to the seals. Watch them snooze and sunbake the day away, or frolic in the shallow shores of the beachfront.

Seal Bay Visitor Centre

Head to the accompanying visitor’s centre to learn more about these adorable creatures! The series of multimedia displays on the life of the animals, the history of sealing, and the evolution of the creatures getting a better understanding of the importance these creatures play on the natural environment. After you’ve explored all of the displays and delved into the world of seals, you can pop into the gift shop to grab a couple of souvenirs, or even pop into the café on-site to refuel with a quick coffee and cake!

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