Where is Cape Jervis?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/09/2019

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Cape Jervis is used as a gateway and jumping off point to the iconic Kangaroo Island.

But what tourist may overlook while travelling to and from this ferry port, is the true beauty this town possesses. Home to some of the best sea and country views, Cape Jervis offers guests a unique and relaxing break amongst the stunning scenery.

It’s Whereabouts

Located 107 km south of Adelaide, Cape Jervis sits right on the southern tip of the Fleurieu Peninsula. The reason for Cape Jervis being the gateway to Kangaroo Island is due to its large ferry dock. With the only way for travellers and locals to and from Kangaroo Island by sea (apart from the flights which cost an arm and a leg). These ferries travel to and from everyday, taking only a couple hours from Adelaide. The area is popular not just with ferries, but with fishermen, acting as the centre port for people travelling out to sea.

Things to do around Cape Jervis

  • Cape Jervis Lighthouse

    Check out the area in style, travelling to the town’s lighthouse, the most prominent landmarks in the area. Its brilliant white colour contrasts beautifully with the deep blue waters nearby, giving you an iconic photo of the area. Travel up top to its spectacular 360 views of the ocean and island, while you learn about the history of the lighthouse and its importance to the area.

  • Rapid Bay Beach

    Enjoy a beach day full of stunning views and soft sands. The shallow waters are perfect for taking an afternoon or morning dip in, with currents being low to the medium majority of the time. Discover the area on a beach walk, spotting the unique rock formations nearby which are millions of years old. Even if you’re simply soaking up the sun rays along the sun, we guarantee you’ll enjoy Rapid Bay beach immensely. 

  • Deep Creek Conservation Park

    As Cape Jervis is full of lush plant life and natural wonders, it comes to no surprise that the area is swarming with native animals too. Head to Deep Creek Conservation Park and see the vast display of Australia’s best flora and fauna. Seeing the snoozing koalas in the trees, to sun baking lizards on the rocks. As well as spotting the flowers blooming and the ancient trees looming. Make sure to bring your walking shoes and a camera, as some of these locals are worth the hike and deserve a snap for your Instagram.

  • Heysen Trail

    If you are interested in stretching those legs and seeing the sights on foot, try out the Heysen Trail, one of the more popular routes in the area. Jam-packed with mesmerising ocean views and plenty of lush greenery to wandering within, you can immerse yourself in the Aussie bushland and enjoy the quiet scenery. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the local animals wandering around as you go!

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