What to See at Admiral’s Arch in Cape Du Couedic

Kangaroo Island offers visitors a paradise island backdrop filled with fun animal encounters. From wallabies and kangaroos to native bird species and seals, there are numerous wildlife encounters waiting to be had on the island.

Flinders Chase National Park is the place to go if you’re on the hunt for some impressive scenery and some animal-spotting opportunities, but there are plenty of other things to get stuck into here, too.

Within the park, on a picturesque headland, you’ll find Cape du Couedic, an area that provides spectacular views over the impossibly blue ocean. Named after a French naval officer, Charles Louis du Couedic, it is home to the Cape du Couedic Lighthouse as well as a number of other popular landmarks.

Admirals Arch is one such landmark. It is one of the most coveted sights on Kangaroo Island thanks to its unusual formation that has been eroded into shape over thousands of years. Situated near the Lighthouse, it casts a distinctive silhouette across the coastline, and the boardwalk that leads to the archway is almost as pretty as the landmark itself. From the boardwalk, you can peer through the underside of the eroded bridge and out to the ocean – an unusual but exciting way to take in the views.

But sea views aren’t the only thing you can admire from the boardwalk. Admirals Arch is also a favourite hang out of the New Zealand fur seal colony that calls the island home. They’ve set up house on the land below the archway, giving visitors the perfect chance to catch a glimpse of them from the boardwalk.

Set apart from their relatives, these seals are dark brown in colour and laze around on the rocks for most of the day, before dipping into the sea every now and again to hunt for food. During their breeding season in summer, you’ll get to see cute seal pups splashing around in the rock pools beneath Admirals Arch.

When you’ve peeled your eyes away from these cute critters, don’t forget to take in the unique stalactites that dangle down from the underside of the bridge (which was, at one point in time, a massive cave). You can also keep an eye out for migrating whales between May and October, as well as dolphins, which are regularly spotted throughout the year.

Admirals Arch is by far one of the most impressive landmarks on Kangaroo Island, and it also marks the start of many hikes around Flinders Chase National Park. It’s well worth a visit if you get the chance.

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