The Life of Sea Lions at Seal Bay

Kangaroo Island is jam-packed with unspoiled wilderness, overflowing with an array of Australia flora and fauna. The most popular being the Australian Sea Lions, who call Kangaroo Island home at their dwelling of Seal Bay. It is the highlight for many visiting travelling to the Island as it is it famed for having one of the largest collections of Sea Lions on the entire planet.

The Sea Lions

This species of sea lions are found in both west and south coats of Australia. They can be recognised by their stocky bodies of yellow-brown/silver colour (depending on their gender,) large flippers, and long whiskers. Although they may look slow on land, they are fast swimmers due to their streamlining body. They use this skill to hunt fish, which is their main food group. Chasing their prey at speeds of around 25mph, using their sensing abilities and quick movements to catch even the fastest fish.

They are quite social creatures, forming large colonies, with even subgroups within the colonies. They prefer sandy beaches for their land habitat, with colonies nesting in the same recurring area. These land habitats are important to maintain, as females always return to give birth in the same place, even after moving. If this initial birth land is not available, the female may even stop mating. This may affect their already reduce numbers as they are legally listed as rare by the Australian State and Federal Government.

Their life on the island

There are around 14,700 of sea lions in this part of Australia, making it the third largest colony of the country’s sea lions. It is one of the few places in the world where you can get up close and personal with these sea lions. There are no enclosures or cages at Seal Bay, with both the animals and visitors able to roam freely through the area. Wander along the edge of the beach as you watch the creatures frolic and play, even seeing the adorable fuzzy pups if you visit in the right season.

How you can see them

The pristine paradise of Kangaroo Island lies just off the coast of South Australia. Complete with pristine beaches and lush bushland. Perfect for a day or weekend trip from Adelaide! Hop on a boat cruise to the swells of the Backstairs Passage before you arrive at the unspoiled sands of Kangaroo Island. See incredible attractions on your way to Seal Bay, including Flinders Chase National Park, Admirals Arch, Remarkable Rocks, and Fleurieu Peninsula.

Visit this natural wonderland with endless bushland and turquoise ocean scenery on our Kangaroo Island Day Tour!

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