How to see the Wildlife on Kangaroo Island?

Kangaroo Island is undoubtedly a picturesque paradise, with shimmering white beaches, dense bushland, and a seriously great assortment of Australian animals. Throughout the island lies different ecosystems, and therefore a range of different species.

  • Kangaroos

    The beloved animal that inspired the island’s name, you are guaranteed a sighting of a Kangaroo or two, frolicking throughout the area. The actual name was due to Captain Matthew Flinders and his crew, who landed on the island in 1802, starving and desperate for fresh food. As luck would have it, a large mob of hopping creatures emerged. The captain and crew took their chance, hunting, skinning, and cleaning the kangaroos for a large supply of fresh meat. In gratitude, the captain named the island after these delicious creatures. As Kangaroos usually hang out in large grassy openings, the best place to find them is at the meadows in Flinders Chase National Park.

  • Koalas

    There are around 30,000 koalas to spot in kangaroo island! As they are quite dozy creatures during the day, sleeping up to 18 hours, all you have to do is spot the grey lumps that are dispersed throughout bushland’s branches. Look mostly for the Eucalyptus trees, as these are the only leaves the koalas feed on, usually remaining in these trees so they can eat and sleep without having to move spots.

  • Echidnas

    The Echidna is a fascinating creature with a most peculiar appearance, with sharp spikes covering its small body, beady eyes, piercing claws, and a long snout to go with it. Usually in the mainland of Australia, it’s quite tricky to see one in person, with their little bodies hiding in their burrows and bushes. However, Kangaroo Island gives you a better chance, with the north side dirt roads littered with them.

  • Little Penguins

    These cute little guys are the smallest penguin on earth! They spend most of their day in the sea fishing for food but spend their nights in their coastal burrows. Head to Kingscote harbour after sunset every night and see the colony waddle up to shore!

  • Australian Sea Lions

    Although the island is named after the hopping kangaroo, the Australian seals are the island’s mascots. Tourists flock to Seal Bay to see the largest Australian sea lion colony in the entire world, seeing the seals frolic, snooze or sunbake on the sand. What’s truly unique about Seal Bay is that there are no barriers for either the seals or visitors. Guests can stroll down the beach and come up close and personal with the creatures hanging out nearby.

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