Sand Boarding at Little Sahara

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/30/2016

Reading time: 3 mins

Looking to feel the wind in your hair, get your heart rate pumping, and enjoy some incredible scenery? Little Sahara on Kangaroo Island is the place to go.

Here, the mesmerising dune system provides the perfect backdrop for some adventurous pursuits. Try tobogganing and sand boarding down the impressive mounds that dot the landscape.

Located in the region of Vivonne Bay, Little Sahara is a natural phenomenon with a selection of dunes in varying sizes. The highest dune rises a mammoth 70m above sea level. The scene makes up one of the twenty natural geological features on the Island. The Geological Society of Australia think the dunes are so unique they are protected!

Little Sahara’s formation

The dune system is a fairly recent formation– within the last 7,000 years. Storms and erosion after fires saw the dunes start to take shape. These natural disasters destroyed the vegetation, leaving the sand to move around in the wind. As the sand began to move it sloped downwards to create the dunes.

The dunes cover around two square kilometres of land, are are under private ownership. The areas generous owners however open them up, for visitors to enjoy. Here you can try their hand at all sorts of fun activities.

Sand Boarding at Little Sahara

Sand boarding is the most popular activity at Little Sahara. This is where visitors grab themselves a board and glide down the dunes to the bottom. Goggles are a must as you kick up a flurry of sand in your wake.

This adventurous pursuit can be made as tame or as adrenaline-pumping as you like depending on which dunes you decide to tackle. There are a number of companies that run day trips to the region, giving you the chance to hire a sand board for one hour (with an instructor to show you how it all works) or for one day, so you can while away the hours sailing down the dunes.

As well as sand boarding, visitors can toboggan down the dunes – which provides something easier for the less adventurous traveller. In this instance, you sit down on a toboggan and slide your way down the dunes.

This weird and wonderful activity provides an element of adventure to your time on Kangaroo Island, which is famed for its extensive collection of native species and amazing scenery, from beautiful turquoise waters that fringe the island to forests packed full of ancient plant life and, of course, the stunning dunes that make up Little Sahara.

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