How was the Admirals Arch formed?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/28/2021

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Flinders Chase National Park, alongside the Great Barrier Reef and Kakadu National Park, is one of Australia’s most mesmerising natural wonders. This incredible wilderness is replete with surreal rock formations, wild and windswept coastline and an abundance of Australia’s most adorable (and fearsome) creatures!


Admirals Arch

One of such attractions that makes Flinders Chase such a starring attraction of Aussie travel is the Admirals Arch, an amazing natural arch formed by countless years of erosion and weathering from the sea beyond!

The Admirals Arch is a truly spectacular sight to see, as not only does the provide an incredible view into the rowdy sea beyond the arch, but there is also a very good chance you will encounter a few members of the park’s fur seal population mucking about and having a generally good time on the rocks.

The Admirals Arch is one of the standouts of the natural wonderland that is Flinders Chase National Park, but what else awaits you amongst the brush and bush of this genuinely inspiring part of the world?

The Remarkable Rocks

We can’t be sure if Dali, Ernst or Magritte ever laid eyes upon a South Australian geographical book, but if they did they might have gained some eons-old inspiration from the Remarkable Rocks.

These otherworldly rock formations, like that of the Admirals Arch, have been formed by immeasurable years of water erosion from the seas below, and they make a truly surreal impression on anyone who wants to see how bizarre Mother Nature’s design acuity can get!

Wildlife spotting

It’s Kangaroo Island, and you know exactly what that means: Aussie wildlife in great abundance! The island – and especially Flinders Chase – are absolutely teeming with adorable and frightful species including kangaroos, koalas, fur seals, penguins, dingos and all kinds of reptiles!

Just wander about!

Flinders Chase, like the rest of Kangaroo Island, is as ideal as the Australian landscape gets. If you really want to experience a stunning coastal place where our most beloved animals frolic in the sun and sand, with all types of natural beauty surrounding you, then hiking around Flinders Chase is a must.

There are even short and more epic multi-day hikes you can take throughout the park and across the island, allowing you to experience all the joy and beauty that is this most desirable and tranquil outpost.

Cameron Ward
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