How to Get to Kangaroo Island?

Just off the coast of South Australia lies the spectacular Kangaroo Island. With dazzling beaches, incredible bushland as well as marvellous animal, this island is a getaway paradise.

History of Kangaroo Island

The name of the island comes from Captain Matthew Flinders, who discovered the Island in 1802 along with his hungry crew. After weeks voyaging across the sea in hardship, running low on food, the group discovered an island with jumping kangaroos covering it. The men rejoiced and proceeded to skin and cook as many kangaroos their bellies could fill. In gratitude, Flinders named the Island ‘Kangaroo Island.’

How to get there?

By Ferry

The most accessible way to travel to Kangaroo Island is by ferry. The ferry runs three times a day, departing from either Cape Jervis and Penneshaw. It can accommodate either individual passengers or vehicles, so you are able to rent a car for the day or bring your own for your island adventure.

By Tour

Save yourself the headache of organising your day and take a tour! A bus will pick you up from a selection of pick up points within the Adelaide CBD and drop you right off after the day is done. See the sights of the Kangaroo Island with a trusty guide that can answer all your questions. Listen to the interesting secrets and history of the island as you sightsee the incredible attractions on offer.

By Flying

If you are interested in a luxury. The flight takes around thirty minutes, where you will land roughly twelve kilometres away from the main town. There are no taxis or public transport on offer, so we suggest hiring a car or arranging a private pick up. Make sure you plan to book your tickets in advance, as the flights are snatched up quickly in high season.

What to do once you are on Kangaroo Island?

Seal Bay

Kangaroo Island is famous for its Kangaroos, but don’t forget the other animals’ roaming around. Seal Bay is home to more than 500 Australian sea lions, lounging about in the sand after a hunt for fish in the sea. Wander down to the beach and walk through these cute creatures as they frolic with each other, or simply take a snooze in the sun.

Enjoy a delicious Lunch

Kangaroo Island has an array of different lunch spots to choose from. Even if you are ready for a 2-course meal or just wanting a light snack, visit one of the charming shops for a delicious meal. Enjoy the beautiful country backdrop perfect for a relaxing break during your journey.

Remarkable Rocks

One of the most popular attractions on the island, the Remarkable rocks is a historic natural phenomenon. Sitting on the coast of the Island, these granite rocks were thought to be made up by the granite embedding into the crust of the earth thru the Ordovician period. The rocks are estimated to be around 500 million years old. The boulders forms have been shaped by decades of weather, resulting in their unique shapes and sizes.

Kangaroo Island is an easily accessible area to visit, with a bucket load of adventure on offer.

Why not visit our Kangaroo Island Tour to see what other actives this Island has!

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