How to Experience Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is a haven for wildlife lovers and those in pursuit of some of Australia’s most fascinating ancient landscapes. Here, you can explore the unique silhouette of Remarkable Rocks, one of the best-loved attractions on the whole of the island.

These magnificent rock formations perch around 200 feet above the sea, providing visitors with an incredible insight into the fascinating ancient history of the island and the scenery that surrounds it.

How Remarkable Rocks Were Made

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the rocks is their lengthy backstory. It began around 500 million years ago, which is when the granite rocks started to take on their current form. Over the years, they were battered by the elements – harsh winds, heavy rains, and strong waves beat them into shape over thousands and thousands of years.

Research shows that the granite they’re made from was, during the Ordovician period, embedded into the crust of the earth. In that era, Kangaroo Island formed part of a much bigger island called Godwana, which was known as a mighty supercontinent that spanned the entirety of the southern hemisphere.

It wasn’t until around 150 million years ago that Godwana split up into the separate continents that make up the southern hemisphere today, and Australia slipped away taking the Ordovician granite with it.

Since their origin, the boulders have been moulded into a series of weird and wonderful shapes, providing plenty of photo opportunities for eager visitors.

When Should You Visit Remarkable Rocks?

If you want to experience Remarkable Rocks when they’re at their most unique, visit in the early morning and early evening when the sun is either setting or rising.

Not only will you miss the heavy crowds that descend on the landmark throughout the day, but you’ll be able to experience the unique colours that light them up at these times of day.

Exploring the rocks themselves is a safe thing to do during dry weather.

If you’re visiting during high winds or rain, you might want to take special care as the rocks can get slippy and uninviting. For visitors, there is a designated boardwalk that takes you right up to the rocks themselves, providing a safe way to discover them up close.

Whilst on the platform, look to the west to gaze our across Cape Du Couedic Lighthouse and, if you’re lucky and it’s clear, you might be able to see the Casuarina Islets.

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