Getting to Know Australian Sea Lions

Kangaroo Island is a haven of nature, promising visitors the chance to see some of Australia’s beautiful native wildlife in its natural environment. On the coast, you’ll find Seal Bay, where a colony of Australian Sea Lions raise their young and spend their days.

There are thought to be almost 15,000 of these majestic creatures in the wild according to the Wildlife Conservation Act of Western Australia, which has them listed as “in need of special protection.”

If you travel to Kangaroo Island, be sure to stop by and see the Australian Sea Lions in person.

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What Australian Sea Lions Look Like

Australian Sea Lions are mammals and use their flippers to swim through water, but they also use them to glide across land. For the most part, they resemble other sea lions with distinct features, like short fur, short flippers, and a bulky body. You’ll see them kicking back and relaxing on the rocks of Seal Bay and elsewhere on the coastline around the island.

The Feeding Habits of Australian Sea Lions

The Sea Lions are predominantly opportunistic feeders and foragers. They have been known to eat a wide variety of prey, including seafood like fish, squid, cuttlefish, octopus, and even shark, as well as shellfish like rock lobster and other crustaceans. They can even eat penguins, many of which reside in the waters surrounding Kangaroo Island. The diet of an Australian Sea Lion tends to be seasonal, where they hunt and feed off animals and creatures that are available to them at certain times of the year.

The Breeding Habits of the Australian Sea Lion

Australian Sea Lions are known for having an unusual breeding cycle. The season can last for anywhere between five and seven months (and even nine months, which has been recorded at Seal Bay). The unusual thing about the breeding rituals of the Australian Sea Lion is that it is not synchronised between different colonies. However, research has shown that the cycle tends to shift forward by 13.8 days every 18 months.

These creatures form just part of the incredible wildlife of Kangaroo Island. Exploring the rainforests and coastal regions that form the island will expose you to hundreds of different species, both native and not, that find the lush temperatures and stunning scenery the perfect place to live. Keep your eyes peeled for Australian Sea Lions as they bask in the sun and lazily fish throughout the day.

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