The Best Things to Do in Cape Jervis

Cape Jervis acts as the gateway to the picturesque Kangaroo Island, where pristine sands meet the sparkling waters of the ocean. This part of Australia is jam-packed full of animal encounters and beautiful scenery, providing the perfect place to start exploring the native wildlife. With a tiny population of around 300 people, Cape Jervis is a remote spot that offers plenty of peaceful moments for anyone who visits.

The Fleurieu Peninsula, where Cape Jervis sits, also provides the perfect backdrop for some adventurous pursuits if you’d rather have a more adrenalin-pumping visit.

Things to Do in Cape Jervis

Explore the Wildlife of Kangaroo Island

Being situated so close to Kangaroo Island means a visit there is a must-do for visitors in Cape Jervis. It’s the main attraction in the region and offers tons of fun things to see and do. While there, you can spot some of Australia’s most iconic species, including kangaroos, koalas, seals, and more. Simply hop on the ferry that travels across the short stretch of water between Cape Jervis and the island to kick off a fun day.

Watch the Migrating Whales

The seas surrounding Cape Jervis are a haven of wildlife and boast an incredible collection of vibrant marine species. Throughout the year, you can spot majestic whales breaching the water’s surface in and around the bay. To get a closer look, check out one of the boat tours that leaves from Victor Harbour to experience these incredible creatures up close.

Try Your Hand at Fishing

Fishing has long been an important industry in Cape Jervis and the surrounding towns, so make like a local and try your hand at the sport. There are a number of chartered boat companies that provide fishing trips throughout the day, where you can catch your own tommies, squid, and snappers.

Check out the Markets

It’s not all about the sea and marine life in Cape Jervis. Around this stretch of coastline there are also a number of vibrant markets that are ideal for picking up a souvenir and browsing local handmade goods. Browse stalls piled high with everything from Aboriginal art, local produce, and homeware.

Go Wine Tasting

For the more cultured traveller, sampling the local wine is a must-do. Cape Jervis marks the gateway to many of Australia’s premier wine regions, and there are a great selection of restaurants and wineries to test out some of the delicious tipple in.

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